Reproduction of the Early and Later Roadster Top Manuals - $65/75

For Sale by Peter Silten - Posted in 356 Lit/Memorabilia

After reproducing the very rare 8-page manual issued by Porsche that explains the correct way to open and close the convertible top on the Convertible D (, I have now reproduced the two similar convertible top manuals which were issued by Porsche for the 60-62 Roadsters. One is dated 3.60 and the other is dated 6.60. The one dated 3.60 was for the early Roadsters (vin #s 86831 to 87825), which were equipped with the early top latches (the same latches as ones for the D), while the one dated 6.60 was for the later Roadsters (vin #s 87826 to 89483 and 89601 to 89849), which were equipped with the later latches. When I started this project I was unaware that there were two versions of this manual. I knew about the later manual but not about the earlier version. I suspect that is the rarer of the two. Just like my reproduction of the Convertible D top manual, both of the Roadster-top manuals are as close to the originals as possible (I used the rest of the NLA paper left over from my D project for the inside ages and linen stock for the cover), and could pass for originals if you didn’t know otherwise. Copies of both versions are limited in quantity. The cost is $65, which includes shipping and tracking inside the USA. For shipping to Europe, the total cost is $75. I can be reached directly at Thanks.

Location: Atherton, CA

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Posted 5:04PM, Feb 25, 2017

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