ALL SOLD Pre-A 356 Porsche crest OEM NOS - $$550

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nos pre-a crest correct for your blunt handles late 54 to 55 , will also fit a standard pointed handle or a filed down pointed handle to look like a blunt . The pre a crest is the one on the bottom ( oem 56 crest on the top not for sale so you can see the differences ) I got these crests direct from a gentleman that worked for the company(RAU) that made these crests for porsche back in 1954. The crests looks amazing..i have its twin on my 55 cab .. The crests were the last of the pre-a crests, leftovers from 1955 when Porsche changed the design and trademarked the new gold plated crests .. pre A crest are different in a few ways Bold letters a fat horse the lower right top set of antlers the 4th tip of the antler is black and viable. They didn't come gold plated and they didn't have the trademark R on the back because Porsche didn't trademark the crest until the new run of 356A crests So no pre a crest have the R on the back . These crests never left the rau facility. they eventually ended up in someone lunch pail and sat for 60+ years ... picture #2 shows the difference between the 356 a crest and the pre a crest . bold PORSCHE the rear sand field the 4th antler the chubby horse The imperfections are only a glare the crests are perfect. i have a few left get one why i still have them .. a must for any late 54 or 55 pre A .. Not sure why my pictures don't format correctly for mobile devices. if interested i can email or text you more pictures .. or simply view them on a pic and click on the image the full image will load .. Thanks for looking Regards Ned $550

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Posted 4:01PM, Feb 23, 2017

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