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1960 T5 Cab

Belongs to James Penland

Chassis: 154432

I purchased the car in boxes in Marin county and it was transported to my uncles shop for a 4 yr refurbishment. I was in the USAF and stationed in Virginia when the car was finished. He drove it out to me there and then we moved to AZ. I joined the Registry there along with the AZ Outlaws. I moved over the Bahrain but stored the car in a plane hanger in Mesa. That hanger was not an option anymore and I transported the car here. I joined the Bahrain Porsche Club and have been the only 356 in the country for many years. One of the sheikhs recently bought a black speedster so I can't lay claim to that title anymore. I just had the car repainted as the old paint from '90 was getting threadbare. It has no dents but was good to get rid of the rock dings. I had the engine rebuild at Competition in 2000 and it has been running great without problem ever since.