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1956 T1 Coupe

Belongs to Greg Masset

Chassis: 57794

This is a 1600 super, coupe silver with black leather interior. It has four wheel disk brakes and a full syncro trans with a later large oil pump engine (normal). Not concourse... just a great driving and fun car. I bought it in 1994 or 95 when I was 20 years old. I sold a 67 Camaro with a 427/4 speed to get some of the funds for purchase. I took my (now) wife for a ride in it the second time we met- married for 14 years now. I don't have tons of history on the car, it does have a badge on the glovebox from Austria, maybe was stayed in Europe or ? (also no overrider bumpers). The other car in the picture is my Dad's 41 Buick convertible (he has a '60 B Roadster too)