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1965 C Coupe

Belongs to George Barstow

Chassis: 221264

Purchased new 1965 by James T Winton from Gardner VW Porsche in Fresno, CA. I purchased it from Jim in 2002. It had been parked for about 12 years. Restored over the next 7 years by myself & brother-in-law M. MacMillan. Engine done by Bob Terrill (Terrill Aluminum Heads - Chico) It has 1750 NPR kit and Weber 40s set-up. It has about 1400 miles since completion. Color is light yellow, black interior, came with luggage rack (Not on now), radio and chrome wheels. This is 356 number 5 for me over the last 35 years so I will keep this one for the duration. I love these cars and the culture and most of the owners I've met!