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1964 Other Porsche Racers (1948-1965)

Belongs to Gregory Campbell

Chassis: 70P057

After the heydays of success with a series of Spyders in the 1950’s, Porsche found itself in the uncharacteristic position of being beaten by a new generation of purpose-built, lightweight English racing cars in the early 1960’s. At the time, Porsche was known to have the most powerful and lightweight under 2 liter racing engine, and Elva was known to have the best chassis. The Elva Porsche is the product of development by these two firms that devoted their respective expertise to produce a new car. The 4 cylinder, 4 cam engine was fitted with a horizontal cooling fan “borrowed” from Porsche’s Formula 1 car. The transmission was a 5 speed the same as the latest Spyder model. The 70 Elva Mk VII’s were manufactured with a variety of engines including Lotus Twin Cams, BMW’s, Climax and Porsche powerplants. Seventeen of these had Porsche 1700cc 4 cams and two of these had 2 liter 4 cam engines. This car is one of these two. The Porsche chassis were the same in the front but were strengthened in the mid section, and the engine bay was altered to permit installation of the wide Porsche motor. Elva Porsche Racing Successes: 1963 First Race, USRRC Road America, 1st overall 1964 USRRC, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Under 2 Liter; 2nd and 3rd overall 1964 European Hillclimb Championship, 2nd overall 1965 SCCA, E Modified, National Champion 70P/057 Detailed History: • Delivered to Carl Haas, USA Elva Importer, August 1964 • Ollie Schmidt 1964 to ???? o Schmidt was the midwest Porsche Distributor and owner of the Elva Porsche Racing Team known as Scuderia Tin Can o Three of the team cars were yellow and 1 was white o The team usually ran 3 cars in the 1964 USRRC • Joe Jann, blew motor #99104 in 1968 • Martin Cochrane, 1971 to 1973, purchased for $1100 with blown motor • Mike Smith, 1973 to 1977, purchased for $1250, installed 2 liter type 4 VW motor • Terry Mendini, 1977 to 1979, supervee VW motor with no fan and large air scoop • Don Mueller, 1979 to 1981 • Mark Eskuche, 1981 to 1983 • Ingo Zeitz, 1983 to 1989 o Restored by Peter Denty in England o Engine #99108, 2 liter flat fan, supplied and rebuilt by Jim Wellington in 1984 using flat fan parts from original motor #99104 o Raced at Spa, Silverstone, Monza, • Kerry Morse, 1991 • Tony Wang, 1992 to 2008 • Gregory Campbell, 2008