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1958 T2 Speedster

Belongs to Tom Tate

Chassis: 84354

Owner since 1976, one of 4 black Speedsters built in '58. Car has 36k miles on it, 28k when purchased. In the early days ran at Thompson, Bryar, Lime Rock, Watkins Glen. Restored in '99, took second at PCA Parade Concours and second at the Autocross that year in Canada. True to its heritage the car won it's class the last two years in the PCA Zone One Autocross (not a lot of cars in that class). Currently set up with Sebring Pea Shooter exhaust, tonneau cover w/ roll hoop, Fudge Rudge wheels w/ 5 1/2 chromes. Nothing on the car that can't be unbolted and put back to original if I get bored with the current "racer" look. Interior corrected to red in the winter of '12. Makes a lot of noise, doesn't really go that fast but sure is a hoot to drive.