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1955 Pre-A Speedster

Belongs to Larry Wilson

Chassis: 80469

Speedster 80469 left the Porsche factory April 13, 1955 and was sold new to Robert Clancy of Sacramento by Oxford Motors (Sammy Weiss owner), the local Porsche dealer. Clancy used the car for five years as a daily-driver, then in 1960 sold it to Bob Crussell, also of Sacramento, who intended to race the car in SCCA races. A lack of a race-prepared engine stalled that project, so Crussell sold the car in 1962 to the third owner, Paul Ochsner, a Sacramento-friend who converted the car to an SCCA E-Production race car and for three years ran EP events in Northern California, Oregon and Washington. Ochsner then decided to return to college and on January 20, 1965 my wife, Pat, and I purchased the car so I could go racin' (that's me in photos of car #36). For three years (1965 through 1967) I raced the car in SCCA E-Production class races in Northern California at Cotati Raceway (near Santa Rosa), Port of Stockton, Vaca Valley Raceway, Camp Stoneman (Pittsburg), and Laguna Seca Raceway. The Speedster's future as a race car ended June 3, 1967 when it broke a crank at Cotati. After eight years of hibernation, Speedster 80469 was given a brief parole. Fitted with a semi-repaired engine and licensed for the street with its top and bumpers in place, Pat and I drove it to the 1975 Porsche Parade in Seattle (never did get the jets right on the Solex 40 PICB carburetors). Not long after our return, I broke another crank, so the Speedster went back into hibernation parked cross-wise under a car cover in the back of our two-car garage. The car gained its freedom May 5, 2005 when it went on a trailer to our younger son, Tim Wilson, for a total ground-up restoration. He is shown in one of the photos. On March 12, 2006, we (I helped) finished the 10-month project giving new life to Speedster 80469. It looks great and runs like a champ. Life is good.