P46n1 P46n2
1956 A Carreras/GT

Belongs to Jack Walter

Chassis: 56083

This Carrera coupe was customized by Dean Jeffries in 1957 and featured on the cover of Rod & Custom magazine as well as in articles in many other magazines from the late 1950's through the early sixties.The Carrera won over thirty first place trophies in car shows in southern California and was the inspiration for Gary Emory to start the whole Porsche 356 Outlaw movement. Dean Jeffries was well known as a custom painter (he painted James Dean's fateful 550 Spyder) but he launched his career as a customizer with this car. Jeffries went on to build the Mantaray, the Monkeemobile and the Landmaster from Damnation Alley along with many other movie and TV cars. The Porsche was sold in 1962 to Albert Nussbaum, A bank robber on the FBI's ten most wanted list who drove the Carrera to southern Florida before he was captured and sentenced to prison. Nussbaum later became a Hollywood screen writer and mystery author. The Carrera resurfaced in central Florida in 1968 and was bought by Sandy Hunter who brought it to Atlanta where it was purchased by Peggy Daole. I bought the car in 1971 - it is currently being restored.