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1958 T2 Speedster

Belongs to Nick & Anne Daffern

Chassis: 84332

This is our first 356. It was first sold through Brumos in Jacksonville, FL in early 1958. The earliest owner I know of was Kenneth W. Weatherby who still lives in Jacksonville, but as he's rather elderly now he doesn't remember who he bought the car from. He sold the car to Charles M. Simonsen, a Naval Officer, in 1974, and Lt. Simonsen sold the car to Ned Fellers, of Michigan, in 1976. We bought the car from Ned in 2004 and turned it over to Bob Campbell for a complete, 3 year restoration. 84332 is matching numbers, body fog lights, wire stone guards, 60 mm front brakes, VDM steering wheel with dual stalks, and a Glaspar hard top.