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1955 Continental Coupe

Belongs to Tom Sansone

Chassis: 53662

Bought the car in San Bernardino Calif in 1974 for $2000. I drove it daily for 2 years then locked it in the garage when the fog lights were missing one morning. I was afraid the guy would return and take more of my car. I began buying parts to restore the car in 1978 but the car sat for 32 years without being touched. We moved three times during that time and the car came with us to each new home. It was still my intent to restore the car. I joined the local 356CAR Club in Sacramento and with the encouragement of it's members, I finally began to take the car apart at the beginning of 2005. With the help of several of the guys in the Club, I restored the car. In March 2008, the car went to it's first event...North Meets South...in central California. Several of the guys encouraged me to show the car after that event. I did and the car has done well the last two seasons. It was a very complete car so I didn't need to hunt for many parts. Being in dry storage for 30+ years, the only metal needing replacement was the battery pan. The original engine came with the car but there was a 57 Normal rebuilt engine in the car when I bought it. When I bought the car, it was red with a black interior. The COA soon proved the car was originally Light Ivory with a red interior. I returned the car to it's original colors during the restoration. I am currently working on the rebuild of the original 1500 Normal engine. One of these days, it will be reunited with the car.