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1958 T2 Cab

Belongs to Frances Brodigan/Heidi Frisch

Chassis: 150204

"Miss Eva" was originally purchased by Bill Boeing Jr. in Seattle for his wife to tootle around in. A couple years later, it was sold to Heidi's great uncle Bill. He used the car as a daily driver and then a bit less until he passed away. After that the car was used as a family loaner and then willed to Heidi's Mom's cousin Gary in West Seattle. The car sat in an open garage partially exposed for more than ten years when Heidi's mom, Joan convinced Gary to ship the car to her. Joan had the rotting doors repaired, the engine re-build, exterior re-painted, and a few odds and ends repaired on Boulder, Co. She kept the car for almost five years selling it to her brother Kim in Lexington, Mass. Kim would drive the car only occasionally and as of spring 2010, the car had not run in almost two years. At this point were were successful in purchasing the car from Kim and after a stop at Bruce Baker's shop in Penn, we drove the car back to Colorado in June, 2010. From that point I have been working hard on getting Eva "sorted" and running properly. She has come back a long way and is a delight to drive. She is a good example of an early '58 and still retains all of her original equipment (engine, trans, body, etc.). We hope for many more years of enjoyment! Franny