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1960 T5 Coupe

Belongs to Ronald Gibb

Chassis: 109274

My car was flown to Los Angeles for the Auto Show in Sept 1959 and was purchased by a lady in Beverly Hills -off the show room floor. I purchased the car from her in Feb 1961 for $3450 and have owned it for 50 years. I was living in San Diego at the time and made many trips to Yosemite with it. I drove it back to Iowa for a ten year class reunion in the mid 1960's. On the return trip, I covered the 1950 miles in 31 hours, making five stops for gas. I restored the body in 1983 with complete new paint job with car and windows gutted. Had new interior done after the paint job and all 60 plus chrome parts on the car were chrome plated. The transmission has never been removed from the car or overhauled which I attribute to using STP in it since I bought it. The brake drum shoes are original and never replaced. The car has approximately 300K on it since I drove the car for a while with the odometer not working. I drive the car on weekends and special occasions. It has been garaged for 48 of the 50 years I have owned it. The attached picture was taken today and reflects the good condition of the 1983 repaint. I am 6 ft-4 inches and this car has more leg room and head room of any car I have owned.