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1963 B-T6 Coupe

Belongs to Chris Hansen

Chassis: 212855

4th owner. First owner from Oregon, 2nd from Colorado, 3rd Odessa Texas. Car was originally blue. When I got the car in 91 it was white. Ran well but had the typical rust in the bottom of the doors and in front of the drivers door. Had car taken to bare metal all rust cut out and repaired. Welded in vents under turn signals smoothed out openings of brake vents. Welded close the bumper bracket holes and indentations in rear. Sent engine to Harry Pellow who put in a new C crank, cams, big bores and webers. All new shocks new leather interior from Autos Int. Welded radio hole installed vdo temp and press gauges. Refurbished all gauges north hollywood speedo. This was all done in the early 90's. Used the car as a work car for 5 years which ruined the leather dash and faded the new carpet. Had been in the garage for 5 years ago when I retired fall of 09. Have been doing body work on it since slowly but surely. Is now primer black and almost ready for paint again. This will be the 4th time it has been painted since I've owned it. Going with silver. Just got the car back from the mechanic who replaced the 4th gear with a Vic Skirmants 4g. New shocks, rear torison bushings, pertronix ign, new disc brake conversion on fronts. From Performance products. Did not work with the master cylinder they sent. Got the dual mc from Klasse, new brake lines and fluid. Ready for the road.