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1961 T5 Roadster

Belongs to John Eaton

Chassis: 88805

I purchased this car in 1973 when I was 17 years old. I was the 7th owner, all of them residing in Fresno, California. I drove the car in high school, and rebuilt the engine completely when a mechanic misdiagnosed a knocking sound as a broken crankshaft. After tearing down the engine, the crankshaft was fine. After driving it a few years in college, I put the car in storage for 10 years. Then pulled it out, had the interior and top redone, had our first child and then back into storage for 17 more years. It's now out and a great driver and I tinker with it when I can. It is very original with original engine, transmission and even about 60% of the original paint. No rust to speak of (battery box was replaced) but otherwise in very good shape.