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Oil Filters for a 356

September 27, 2010 | Troubleshooting & Repair


What oil filters will fit on a 356?


All of the following will fit:

  • AC P203, C315
  • Baldwin P40
  • Bosch - OX79
  • Carquest 8510
  • FIAMM FB1254 (Italian)
  • Fram C3P, PC10, C-988
  • Hastings LF130, 102
  • Knecht EN 108
  • Lee L70FR
  • Mahle 72127
  • Mann PF915, PF915N
  • Motorcraft FL 144
  • NAPA "Gold" 1010
  • Purolator PM3003, PM352, P70AC, T110, L20701
  • Wix 51010, PC10
List gleaned from the 356Talk Discussion List, largely from Mike Robbins, with additional input from Wulf Mšnnich and Stephen Dean.

Let me know if you find other compatible oil filters and I will add them to the list. Email Barry Lee Brisco, Website Technical Editor, at .

And Don't Forget the Gasket...

David Jones, Process Analyzer Specialist with Premcor Refining offered the following information on oil filter gaskets:

"Be aware that the gasket supplied with some of these filters is not a rubber or neoprene type. The one with the Mahle filter is a fiber composite and does not fit in the filter housing cap. Much as I dislike the Fram filters they do at least have the correct gasket and because this is not a metal can screw on full flow filter type I am prepared to live with it. Before you buy look inside the box and if it does not have a rubber type gasket go buy a different make."

To which Mike Robbins responds:

"I've had more trouble with rubber gaskets than the fibre ones. It seems the lip of the cannister cuts through the rubber."