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Trustee Meeting Minutes

24 February 2019 Trustee Meeting, Lakeland FL

October 23, 2019 | Trustee Meeting Minutes

Minutes 24 February 2019 Trustee Meeting, Lakeland FL

March 28, 2019 | News

Porsche 356 Registry Trustee Meeting

  • 24 February 2019 Lakeland FL

1. Meeting was called to order at 7:34 am by President Curt Dansby.

Those present were President Curt Dansby, Vice-President Jim Johnston, Trustees Frank Hood, Deb Cooper, Gerald McCormick, Bob Garretson, Pat Yanahan. Also present and introduced to the Trustees were Mark Roth and Mary Skamser.

2. Review of business since previous meeting

On 12 February 2019, the Trustees held an online discussion concerning the recent fraud attempts in the classifieds. Curt reported on his discussion with the club's credit card processing bank and the availability of new software to assist. Curt asked the Trustees to consider accepting the $60 per year cost of this program. Motion made by Deb Cooper, second by Frank Hood to accept the cost of the program. Voting yes (unanimous): Curt Dansby, Deb Cooper, Frank Hood, Bob Garretson, Jim Johnston, Gerald McCormick, Patrick Yanahan. Motion passed. Software was installed on 13 February.

3. Election of Officers

Jim Johnston moved to nominate Curt Dansby as President, second by Bob Garretson. Vote was six yes, Curt abstained, motion carried.

Deb Cooper moved to nominate Jim Johnston as Vice President, second by Frank Hood. Vote was six yes, Jim abstained, motion carried.

Gerald McCormick moved to nominate Mary Skamser as Executive Secretary, second by Deb Cooper. Vote was seven yes, motion carried.

Gerald McCormick moved to nominate Mark Roth as Treasurer, second by Deb Cooper. Vote was seven yes, motion carried.

Discussion followed concerning insurance coverage of Mark and Mary. Deb stated that only officers are covered by the club's liability coverage. There was further discussion concerning duties of Membership and Secretary. Frank stated that from a corporation standpoint, an Executive Secretary is considered an officer. Jim and Gerald pointed out that many of the duties performed by the membership coordinator were administrative duties.

The decision was made to add membership duties to the position of Executive Secretary for insurance purposes. Mary was directed to re-write her job description with membership duties included in the position of Executive Secretary. The position of Treasurer is covered by insurance.

4. Magazine

Jim Johnston reported that the transition with the new editor has been a smooth process thus far. He mentioned that Peter Bodensteiner is very enthusiastic and wants to use the magazine to support the club and help it grow. Pat Yanahan mentioned his professional background working with writers, advertisers and publishers worldwide and he is willing to offer any assistance to Peter when needed.

Jim stated that any future changes with the magazine will be incremental and discussed with the Trustees.

Curt reported that Peter will attend the LA Lit Meet and open houses with Curt, Frank, Jim and Bob Garretson. He will be able to meet members, advertisers and many enthusiasts on the trip. The club will have a table at the Lit Meet and the trustees in attendance will take turns at the table. Curt noted that Stoddard donated the space to the club.

5. Standard Expenses procedure

A discussion of expenses followed. Peter's trip to the Lit Meet was required by the trustees, therefore his transportation and some expenses will be covered. Since it does not involve a trustee meeting, only Peter's expenses are covered.

The trustees have two meetings per year and try to hold those in such a way as to limit expenses. This year the early meeting was held in Florida because several Trustees would already be in attendance and a meeting room was made available at no cost. Normally, Trustees meet during a Holiday and a question was raised about what was covered for expenses for meetings.

It was noted that Trustees pay for their own Holiday registration and activities. Frank stressed that all the Trustees are very conservative when spending the club's money.

A motion was made by Gerald and seconded by Pat, to request the attendance of the Treasurer and Secretary at Trustee meetings, as able. The vote was seven yes, motion carried.

It was noted that anytime a Trustee or Officer is unable to attend a meeting in person, they would be expected to attend by phone.

Mark suggested that the rules for expense reimbursement be written down, formally adopted and then posted online so that members know. All agreed. Deb volunteered to produce a formal Standard Operating Procedure for expenses.

6. Membership

Mary Skamser gave a brief membership report. The membership numbers remain constant at 6700+ members. Mary briefly ran through duties of membership for Gerald and Pat. No changes were proposed at this time.

Mary will reach out to local clubs, encouraging them to submit events for the calendar. Some clubs request this assistance, but not all.

7. Position Statement on engines / cars re-stamping / rebodying

Follow up discussion on the topic introduced at the previous meeting. A policy was discussed, and all agreed it is a complicated topic. Jim will edit a position statement drafted by Curt and pass it on to Deb for further editing so that itcan be adopted and posted online and in the magazine.

8. Web discussion

Curt reported on upgrades made to the VIN database.

Curt and Mary discussed the recent flurry of fraudulent classifieds and Curt gave further information on the new software.

Ed Lawrence will be the new Webmeister for the club. He currently does the website for the Southern Owners Group and is familiar with our current platform and software. It was decided to make Ed an officer for insurance purposes. Deb moved to make Ed Executive Vice-President for Web Administration, Jim second, vote was 7 yes, motion carried.

Deb stated that since Ed is a Google employee, she would like the club to ask him about making a Google search engine part of the club website. What would the cost be? Can it be done? There was general agreement that it would be a good idea to pursue this with Ed going forward.

Discussion followed about recent website work without a heads-up to members. Curt reported it is often difficult to pin down a specific date for website work, but agreed that in the future, he will post an announcement online and pin it to the top of the forum thread.

9. File storage online

The Trustees received a brief tutorial from Curt on the new online file storage system. The hope is to securely store files for job descriptions, contracts, insurance and other documents online for current and future Trustees. Curt tried his best, but it was agreed further training might be needed. Discussion on what needs to be stored online will continue.

10. Bylaws change regarding catastrophic event

There was discussion about catastrophic event planning. Often, several Trustees carpool to meetings or activities and Deb Cooper previously raised concerns about how the Club would function if a majority of Trustees were incapacitated.

Proposed wording was discussed. Jim will finalize the proposed language and the Trustees will have the opportunity to suggest edits.

Any change to the bylaws must be approved by the members. The proposed changes will be presented to the members in the magazine and online and the question will be a part of the Trustee Election ballot in November.

11. Insurance

Deb will try to post all the policies online.

Deb informed the Trustees that one insurance change involves driving events. Any event receiving insurance coverage must submit a map and directions for each driving route.Any changes made to a driving route will require a new map be submitted to the insurance company.

Deb was recognized for her tremendous efforts with the club insurance.

12. Treasurer's report.

Fred Nielsen phoned in his (last) treasurer's report. The club is enjoying solid financial health. The club did spend extra money on some website requirements, but it is also beginning to see better returns on CDs. The most recent financial statement will be in an upcoming issue of the magazine and posted online.

Mark reported he is continuing to come up to speed and now has the financial records from Fred.

13. Holidays/Events

Gerald reported on plans for the upcoming WCH in Flagstaff. The host hotel is a very nice space and the room rates are reasonable for peak season. The organizers are working with a very comprehensive budget plan. Gerald and Curt will continue to communicate with the organizers as plans move forward. Registration for the event will begin in March.

There will be a Holiday in Bend Oregon in 2020. Additional information will forthcoming.

There are currently no plans for an ECH in 2019 or 2020.

Deb will be attending the 2019 International Holiday in Switzerland. Gerald was chosen to represent the Registry at the 2020 International Holiday in Munich, Pat was chosen as back up.

1:20 pm. Pat left in order to make his flight home.

14. Boardwalk Reunion discussion

Deb Cooper gave a brief report on the upcoming Reunion on the Boardwalk. It is a PCA event, but the organizers wanted the club's permission to use the 356 Registry name and car profile in the logo. Deb Cooper moved to approve permission, Curt second. The vote was 6 yes, motion carried.

15. Offer of magazine contribution

Curt Reported that Mike Lempert was interested in contributing articles to the Registry in exchange for a complimentary membership. Frank moved to accept this offer, Jim Johnston second, vote was 6 yes, motion carried.

Due to late hour, Frank offered to give his YMAC report via email.

Motion to adjourn made by Deb Cooper, second by Jim Johnston.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:45 pm.