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Switching Seats Between Models

September 26, 2010 | Troubleshooting & Repair

By Jim Breazeale, Al Zim, and Ron Anthony

An oft asked question is, "Will the seats from a (Porsche model name) fit into a (different Porsche model name)?" Below are the answers!

(Jim Breazeale:) Speedster, GT and even bench seats will interchange with coupe seats. Any T5, T2, T1, or 356 (There is no such thing as a "Pre A") seat will fit on the tracks. T6 seats all use the same mounts and are not compatible with T5 and earlier seat mounts.

911/912 early seats will not fit in a 356. They are similar but are far too wide to fit on the tracks. Also the seat stops are on the oposite side. Some of the parts in the recliner mechanisms are interchangable, though.

(Al Zim:) For seats from 1954 though 1957 model year (fat rear seat back). and 1958 through 1961 (thin seat back), including Speedster seats and non-reclining Roadster seats, all will interchange 1954 through 1961. At the start of the T-6 cars 1962 model year through the end of 356 production all seats will interchange. Bench seats pre 1961 require special rails, so I would say they do not interchange with standard seats.

(Ron Anthony:) I have noticed the seats of the A/B cars (up through 1961) have different tracks, can be easily spotted by the chrome paddles used to allow movement of the seat fore and aft. The later seats (62-65) have the bent bar with the black knob at the end and also have different seat rails with outside and inside (both sides) of the rails that serve to hold the seat on each of its tracks while the earlier rails only hold one side.

Fitting Later "Sport Seats" Into a 356

(Editor:) Recaro "sport" seats were available from the first year of 911/912 production but they used different mounts from the 356 (as did the standard 911/912 seats). However, some 356 owners have managed to use sport seats with only slight modifications to their car. Note also that there are modern reproductions of Porsche sport seats that can be used in the 356, check with the manufacturers for details.

(Alex:) I was just able to fit high back 911 sport seats maybe 1974 or later in a 1965 C Cab. Much more comfortable with better back support then my restored 356 seats, installed with out drilling any holes or any modification. I was able to use the 911 rails bolted to the 356 after removing the 356 tracks. It was necessary to loosen the two large Allen bolts that hold the metal bracket to the floor on the out side rail of each 356 seat floor piece that the rail bolts to. This allowed the 1/2" adjustment needed to fit the tracks without any modification.