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Porsche 356 Bolt & Nut Sizes and Torque Values

September 26, 2010 | Troubleshooting & Repair
Getting Down to Nuts & Bolts

Is your engine apart and you can't remember which bolts and nuts went where? Do you ever wonder what size bolt or nut is correct for your 356? If your engine has ever been rebuilt you most likely have an assortment of non-original sizes. Once you find the correct nut or bolt do you wonder how hard to tighten it?

NOTE: The 356 Registry is making this information available for your use and does not make any specific recommendations on any information contained here. 


NUT or BOLT Size Ft-Lbs
Axle Nuts 36mm ATF 398
Cam Gear Bolts 14mm ATF 18
Cam Plug Nuts 8mm 15-18
Carburetor Mounting Nuts 8mm/12mm ATF 15
Case Acorn Nuts - Copper Washers 15mm ATF 22
Case Acorn Nuts - Beveled Washers 15mm ATF 29
Case Perimeter Nuts 13-14mm ATF 15-18
Connecting Rod Nuts 14mm ATF 33
Crankshaft Pulley Bolt 30mm ATF -
Engine Mounting Bolts & Nuts 17mm ATF -
Engine Sheet Metal - Horizontal Surfaces 6mm cheesehead screws -
Engine Sheet Metal - Vertical Surfaces 6mm bolts -
Exhaust Pipe (muffler) 8mm/12mm ATF (brass) 15
Exhaust Rocker 8mm/13mm ATF 15
Flywheel Nut 36mm ATF (1 7/16") 350
Fuel Pump Nuts 12-13mm ATF 15
Fuel Pump Bolts 8mm/13mm ATF 15
Generator Pulley Nut 36mm ATF -
Generator Stand Nuts 8mm/14mm ATF 15-18
Generator to Cooling Fan Nut 36mm ATF 72
Head Bolts 10mm Allen 22-25
Heater Box Nuts 8mm/12mm ATF 15-18
Intake Manifold Bolts 8mm/13mm ATF 15-18
Intake Manifold Nuts 8mm/13mm ATF 15-18
Intake Rocker 8mm/13mm ATF (thin) 15-18
Lug Nuts - 94
Muffler Clamp Nuts 14mm ATF 18
Oil Cooler Nuts & Bolts - Old 6mm/10mm ATF -
Oil Cooler Nuts & Bolts - New 8mm/12-13mm ATF 15
Oil Filter Can Bracket 6mm/10mm ATF -
Oil Filter Can Strap Bolt 14mm ATF 15
Oil Filler Can Bolts & Nuts 6mm/10mm ATF -
Oil Pump Nuts 6mm 10
Pressure Plate Bolts(to 1963) 8mm/6mm Allen head 15-18
Pressure Plate Bolts(1963 on) 8mm/13mm ATF 15-18
Pulley Shroud Bolts short 6mm -
Radius Arm to the axle tube flange 12mm ATF 65-72
Rocker Stand Mounts (Cast Iron) 17mm ATF 29
Rocker Stand Mounts (Aluminum) 15mm ATF 29
Solex Air Cleaner Bolts 10mm ATF -
Third Piece Nuts 8mm/12mm ATF 15
Wheel Bearing Cover 10mm ATF (10G) 40-43.5

Primary Sources & Additional Information

  • "Porsche 356 Ersatzteil-Katalog" ("Catalog of Spare Parts"), published by Porsche, January, 1960
  • "The Maestro's Little Spec Book" by Harry Pellow
  • "Secrets of the Inner Circle" by Harry Pellow

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