Broken head, Perfect Motion, 912/356 engine

04/27/2001 11:38 PM

No, Jeffrey hasn't broken his head, I dropped by this morning with a
broken head.
I arrived at Perfect Motion this morning and waited for the guys to
My big bore engine was sitting in the back of my car.
I have been having horrible exhaust leaks and the
cause was a broken exhaust flange on #3. The stud literally fell out.
After consulting with Jeff and his welder, we decided that the best
of action was to replace the heads with later 912 heads (i happen to
have a pair).
I took advantage of the great deal on new pushrod tubes and as usual, I
to leave only after spending every penny I brought with me to Perfect
Motion. I just
had to buy all these items... you understand!
Points to remember:
It is very valuable to have another 356 "expert" opinion close by to
help with decisions.
It is very inspirational to visit a 356 shop and see so many of these
tubs in one place.
(Speedsters, Notchback, Roadster... ooh, ahh.)
It is very wise to carry only as much cash as you can afford because
"there's something i need".
Oh, BTW, I took a real good look at the 912 engine with the 356 cover..
it is beautiful!
The case is marked with a "K" and the case halves match. The cover is
356 and I was shown the
modifications that are made to insure a proper fit for longevity. It is
obvious to me that Perfect
Motion takes steps to correctly fit the 356 cover to the 912 case for
the proper fit & performance.
Aesthetically, this engine is "squeaky clean" and the added touch of
painting the big bore cylinders
black makes them look much nicer than my NPR set with rust on the
outside. The crank gears and
912 cam looked practically new to me (Jeff was showing me the cover
mods). It is a very good
thing I didn't carry enough cash to buy the engine cause it was very
This weekend I will be replacing normal heads/rockers with 912
heads/rockers and new pulley seal.
Thanks to Jeff and the rest of the guys down at Perfect Moton.
Disclamer: I don't work for them, I buy stuff from them and pick
Jeffrey's brain whenever I can.