Zenith Carb


04/27/2001 04:50 PM

Do I understand that the threads in the carb body for the bolt to hold
the top cover down are stripped out ? If so the threads are
5mm dia.X 0.9 pitch which are an obsolete combination. Today most
5mm dia. threads are .08 pitch and I have not seen a 0.9 pitch thread
repair kit ever !
I have repaired several stripped holes by using a Helicoil repair 5mm dia
X 0.8 pitch and used an old original bolt to chase the installed Helicoil threads,
lubricating liberally, this will stretch and re-seat the Helicoil to 0.9 thread pitch.
After all 0.1mm (.004") is not much to deform "monkey metal". I got the idea
from a guy at Stoddards some 15 years ago. So unless something has
changed on 0.9 pitch repair kit availability this is still the only cost effective
Questions on any details just e-mail me.
Larry Coreth
Roanoke Rapids, NC