mundane item SOS (Source of Supply)

04/27/2001 12:15 PM

Close to finishing a full rebuild of original 1600S
engine with Zenith 32 NDIX, and have several remaining
mundane needs. Looking for source of supply:
1) 10mm OD lockwasher for bolt attaching throttle
plate Assy to float bowl Assy, Qty 5
2) 10mm brass disk plug in cover, Qty 1
3) 5 mm thread insert/tool or thread rebuild
technique for cover's bolt receiver in float bowl
Assy, Qty 3
4) 5 mm bolt, cover to float bowl Assy, Qty 2
5) Crimping tool for neat crimp on replacement
ferrule on gas lines.
Many thanks to helpful comments from GS, RO, DR, DD,
TB, DF, HP and Stoddard in undertaking.
Bill Peters, Broad Run, VA
1961 Karman Hardtp, 200773 (owned since 1963)

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04/27/2001 01:09 PM

In a message dated 4/27/01 7:16:17 AM Central Daylight Time, writes:
<< 5) Crimping tool for neat crimp on replacement ferule on gas lines. >>
Try the local Parker (Parker-Hannifin) dealer. They usually only do the items
that they sell but if you ask real nice, and simultaniously do the "Producing
O' The Five Spot," you might get it done.

04/27/2001 03:23 PM

Fill your bolt hole that is stripped with J-B weld redrill and retap. I
do not believe this is suitable for the fuel line banjo bolt. We can fix
that. al zim