VDM wheel pictured in Driving in its purest form


04/27/2001 11:37 AM

Hi gang,
Today while reading the above book I stumbled on the picture ( page 116 ) of
that beautiful carrera speedster with the hard top. The caption reads "
Nicely visible in the detail photos is the VDM wooden steering wheel, based
on the example set by Nardi." I think the wheel looks stunning but have
never seen a VDM with the rivets/nails on the front of the wheel. All the
VDM wheels I've seen among them three NOS ones had the rivets/nails on the
back side of the wheel. has anybody on the list ever seen a VDM wheel like
this ? or might it be a Nardi wheel or some other brand.
just curious,
Joris Koning
58 coupe
The Netherlands