914 NOW inner marquis bashing


04/27/2001 01:19 AM

why does this happen?
this is a serious question.
why is one model (or more it seems in porsche's case)
always bashed by a owner of another certain model?
so you chose model a
and the guy down the street chose model b is he a lesser of a person for
not choosing model a like you?
porsche tried many different variants attempting to appease to all sorts of
tastes and budgets. kudos to them as a company for not just targeting the
upper most of the automotive food chain. (i.e. the rich)
i took mike h's comment with a grain of salt but knew it would stir the pot
of discontent on this list by insulting those who love their >>other
model<< porsches.
tony koch
glendale ca

Dave Cafro wrote:
> At least we 914 owners took English in school.
> Mike Hechinger wrote:
> I know of a 914 club but they meet at the car crusher and walk home. I