Fwd: Any experience with a TALL 4th gear . . .


04/26/2001 06:04 PM

Our '58 Speedster has a 741 transmission with BBCG, with G being the 28/21
fourth gear. The gear is available through Vic but I bought mine from Wayne
Baker. I used a C third gear to ease the transition to the overdrive fourth.
It is a fantastic combination for anyone who travels great distances. Even
around town it works fine. I installed it before my wife and I took a cross
country trip in '98. We went from PA the the East Coast Holiday in Michigan
and then on to Monterey for the West Coast Holiday. 8000 miles in 24 days.
I have a 912 engine with 1720 P & C, stock cam, and 40IDF Webers. Lots of
low end torque. While driving in the Mid-West at about 80 MPH we would
occasionally overtake a farmer in a pick up truck. As I passed the truck I
would run up to 90. My wife noticed and asked why I did it. It was just
great fun. I turn 4000 RPMs at 93 MPH so the engine is right in the middle
of it's power zone. I like it so much that I'm transplanting the whole power
unit into the '56 Sun Roof Coupe that I'm putting together for my wife. This
will then become our traveling car and the Speedster will get a 741 with BBAB
gears which Vic is putting together right now.
Mike and Phyllis Hechinger
Southeastern Pennsylvania
'58 Speedster, VIN 84771
'56 SRC, VIN 55639