911 points in a 356


04/26/2001 05:50 PM

Hi...I understand there are Porsche Bosch 911 points (with stronger
spring tension) that have less bounce/rebound at high rpm (better
constant timing) then the original 356 Bosch points. If true..are there
2 piece points as well as 1 piece points that fit in a 356 distributor?
Only one or both? I have been told that the white phenolic rubbing block
is NOT the one you want (wears down to fast and/or expand/contracts with
heat which can alter timing)..the Black block phenolic rubbing block is
the one one wants. Is thisTrue? Are there 1 piece and 2 piece Black
phenolic Bosch points(911) available ..and what are there part #s and
where can they be purchased..and at what price? Thanks. R.T.Raucher
Chico, Calif.


04/26/2001 06:31 PM

The points for the early 911 2pc are no longer available they were
901.602.960.00 they
have been superceded to 616.602.226.01. I have no way of telling which
spring is on the superceded points. My guess is that is would be the
lighter spring since the demand VW and Volvo and Porsche (356/912) is
substantially greater.
Don, I am looking at the new points and the are back to having the
phenolic rubbing block, whether this is old stock or they have corrected
this situation is an UNKNOWN because Bosch does not know what it is doing.
We have about 10 sets in stock. al zim Zim's Autotechnik 800.356.2964.


04/26/2001 03:04 AM

Dear Robert,
Lucky for all of us Bosch makes, at least in the early days, just a few
configurations of their points but many changes in them as needed for the
application. I will give only the last 3 numbers of the Bosch part as the
rest is the same. Bosch 060 points are the same as a 356's two part 000
points but have higher spring tension for the higher revs and more cyls of
the 911. The other Bosch points are the 115 and the 081, both for the 911
but fit various forms of the 009, 050, 031 distributor.
The Stable, San Francisco


04/27/2001 03:14 PM

There are no 911 2 piece points available. The reason is that most
people that are using high rpm are using electronic ignition. You have to
be in excess of 7500 rpm to have point float. This is race car stuff. I
would not worry about point float in street cars. DON'T TELL ME YOU FLOAT