I'm up and at 'em!


04/26/2001 05:09 PM

Hi tubbers,
(as opposed to "Wisconsin Apple River Tubers)
I'm feeling much better and hope to get my missing
skull piece replaced next week. Thanks to all
those who sent get well notes.
I'm off to Michigan to see my son graduate from
college tomorrow (and to let him meet his new step
mother (:-o). They are the same age.) Yes I got
married last week and she loves tubs and says "Go
out there and work on them any time,. just let me
ride too!" " Wowsers, what a find!"
Sorry I won't be able to stop in Bad Axe, Mi.
since I'm going to Marquette which is about 900
milers to drive from there. Going to Green Bay
Gene Choin
Tel 408 374 7044 FAX 408 379 3965


04/26/2001 05:39 PM

Nice catch Gene, don't get worn out(working on the tub that is)
Gene Choin wrote:


04/26/2001 09:07 PM

Dear Gene,
Glad you are on the mends, yours is one
of the singularly informed and entertaining
voices on this list. Marquette's gain is
surely Bad Axe's loss...
Tony Berry '65 SC #221239

>Hi tubbers,