Does Anderson know what he's talking about?

04/26/2001 02:21 PM

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< discusses the relative worth of a 356 when his obvious area of expertise is
the 911? It's like a 356 "expert" passing judgement on Volkswagens, but
that doesn't happen here does it? >>

I just got back from Carlisle, Hershey, Walter Miller's Museum of Automobile
History in Syracuse, and assorted other places. In going through my email, I
was amused to find comments suggesting Bruce Anderson doesn't know much about
When I first met Bruce in the early 1960s, he was driving a 1956 coupe as his
only car. A few years later he was driving a 1962 356B coupe, again as his
only car. Following that, he purchased a 1964 SC GT as his only car. In
addition, he was part owner with Bob Garretson and me of a 356A GT pushrod
Speedster. He later bought a regular 356A Speedster. During the five years
I knew Bruce when I lived in CA, the only cars he owned were 356s. He
probably has far more than 100,000 miles driving these cars, and has worked
on them extensively. He and I both spent many hours working with Bob
Garretson and Dick Osgood when they had a part-time Porsche 356 repair
business. Bruce later was a co-owner of a shop for a number of years that
did a lot of work on 356s. Bruce has probably spent more time working on
356s than 98% of the people on this talk list.
One writer suggested that Bruce currently doesn't like 356s. Maybe he does
and maybe he doesn't - I don't know. However, perhaps he has discovered that
current Porsches will do many things better than the 356s designed and built
more than 30 or 40 years ago.
Jim Perrin
P. S. For some reason I am reminded of what happened at a Parade in the late
1970s. I got Ernst Fuhrmann together with the owner of a very nice 356A
Carrera coupe. He and the owner went for a ride, and the owner let him drive
the car. That evening I asked Fuhrmann how he enjoyed his drive. He said "I
thought those cars were faster than that!"