The silencer thread

04/26/2001 10:40 AM

A lot of you guys have found that 356 silencers are on the pricey side and
difficult to get. Then when you do get them, they don't always fit. What a
shame. The golden rule is never to trash can your rusted out silencer with
out cutting off those rectangular exhaust stubs first. You never know when
they might come in handy.
Some weekend when your silencer blows beyond redemption and there is no
Registry vendor within 3,000 miles you might go to your friendly motor
factor (NAPA to you) and buy a generic Beetle silencer for small change. Not
only are generic mufflers cheap and cheerful, but they also have less
baffles. Your friendly Shade Tree mechanic/blacksmith will be glad to cobble
up your Porshe silencer stubs to the Brand X silencer, at modest cost. If he
does it in situ, it will fit too. It's dirty work and the results ain't
pretty, but someone has to do it!
How cheap can a guy get? Try me!
Aongus Mac Cana