What a difference! (Exhaust / Great Race / WTB:Recliners)


04/26/2001 10:26 AM

Thanks to all those who offered advice about my muffler noise problem. I
ordered a Leistritz from Klasse 356 and it arrived in two days. I
remembered another reason I love these little cars so much! I had the old
muffler off and the new one on within a half hour! I adjusted the valves
while I had my tools outside and then started the engine. Wow! Now the
engine has a really nice tone. It is almost a little bark with lots of
mechanical valve noise. It sounds so much better and the performance seems
better too. I think the old exhaust was the original from 1964 - my car
only has 54k miles... for now! :) I had the car up to 100 mph on a clear
stretch of road today and it felt very stable! With 750 miles on the engine
now, I'm starting to be a little more aggressive with my acceleration and
I'm not babying the engine as much, but I still haven't gone over 4500 rpm.
(Don't worry, I'm not lugging it! :)
This weekend, I'll install the dual MC kit then next weekend, I'm going to
the regional rally competition for the great race. I just found out about
this. They have regional events all over the country. Scottsbluff, NE,
Millville, NJ, Granbury, TX, Great Race California (No town listed) Any car
is eligible for the regionals unlike the great race where only pre-50 cars
are allowed.
Here are the links:
This is going to be my first time, but I have friends who have done the
continental and told me it was a blast! I hope to see a few other 356s
there next weekend! :)
I'm still looking for a good set of C recliners. One list member has a set
of seats, but I would prefer to find recliners alone for purchase and
shipping cost reasons. I am willing to pay a premium for NOS or rebuilt
ones if they are in great to excellent condition.
64 356C #216150
86 R80GS P/D
95 S500

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