04/26/2001 09:09 AM

<dash covers or you will get cancer sooner.
I didn't realize this was such a problem. I wonder if there's a 12 step
program for those unfortunates with the habit of picking up a pint of gin and
a new car on the way home from the office every night.
Pat Ertel


04/26/2001 02:00 PM

Interesting. My Dad bought a new BMW 2002 in '72. For some reason, that
car had a (much) stronger than normal "new car smell". My new '72 2002 Tii,
bought a few months later, didn't have anywhere near the level of new car
smell. Dad still has his 2002 (that particular unit has to be the best one
they've ever built), still with traces of that aroma (only 65,000 mi.).
He's 85, sharp as a tack and, aside from diminished hearing and bad knees,
seems to have suffered no ill effects from the outgassing. Yes, he does
take a drink of Scotch, on occasion. Must be something, there.
356 smell makes you more than a bit goofy. This list is living proof (and I
don't claim to be an exception)
Bud Osbourne
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