cab top-popping and tailpipe install

04/26/2001 03:26 AM

Is there anyone out there who give me a helpful answer on keeping the
cabriolet top from popping at highspeed (80mph+) or when driving into
Also any ideas on installing tailpipes to exhuast funnels? Diameters of
both pipe and funnel seem to similar.
John C. '62 Cab

04/26/2001 02:57 PM

John the situation with the cab top is that the center clamp does not go
over center when you fasten it. You may be able to relocate the latch but
usually this is impossible because the top is full of holes from previous
relocations. You might also try to reduce the sealing rubber on the top but
I am not to optimistic that this will do you and good. al zim