front bearing size

04/08/2001 03:56 PM

I have a 58 coupe with in need of front bearing replacement. How can I
tell which size (there are 2 different sizes for that year) I need without
taking it apart and measuring the spindle? Also is there a preferred grease
that is used? Thanks. Tim.

08/08/2001 04:57 PM

Dear Timothy,
The outer bearings are all the same size its the inner one that's
different, and difference is on the spindle. Problem is that a 58 is kinda
on the cusp of which you have. I would say that the odds are better than
50/50 that you have the larger size. If you want to check remove the right
side wheel, its easier. If in the process you find it very hard to get the
drum to slide out, after backing off the shoes, chances are you have a small
spindle. The small one tends to grab onto the bearing and when you yank it
off its stays behind and also the seal. Some of these drum bearings over the
years have had ball bearings put in from the VW, they do fit. Replace it
with the roller type. Get a good grease from the auto parts store that is
rated for wheel bearings. Do not use high moly grease as the seal has a hard
time controlling these compounds and they tend to get past the seal.
The Stable, San Francisco

04/08/2001 03:14 PM

The easiest way of telling if you have the early, small spindle or the
later, large spindle: After taking off the hub cap remove the dust cap at
the center of the brake drum. This is easiest done by laying a round
screwdriver shaft or similar in the "groove" between the cup and drum and
tapping w/ a hammer. With the dust cap off look to see what type of bearing
retaining nut is on the spindle. A 27mm [1 1/16"] hex nut is used on the
early type; a split collar w/ an allen screw is used on the late type. You
should check both sides because in repairing wreck damage, or other,
someone may have replaced one spindle with the opposite type.
Mike Robbins
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