solex p11-4 accelerator pump

04/07/2001 11:18 PM

I have what appear to be a good set of solex's on my 64 SC motor(1720 kit,
mild cam, light flywheel,pertronix). The 2 sides are balanced at all rpms
and it idles at 1000 real nice. As I go thru the gears it has a
significant carburation stutter untill i nurse it up to a higher rpm then it
clears out. I think (thats a dangerous word for someone like me who is
quilty of reading a lot but cant seems to get the mechanix correct) that the
accellerator pump is not providing enough gas. Should the pump supply a
steady stream as rpm increase, a spirt as rpm increase then immediately die
out (this is what it seems to do), or what?
If I just baby the motor up in rpms the stuttering does not seem to be
as intense. Is rebuilding these carbs best left to the experts or can an
amatuer do it?
Thanks as always
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08/07/2001 11:27 PM

The accl. pump only delivers when the throttle is opening. The quantity for
the Solex is .55 to .65 cc per 2 full strokes. It will squirt for a few
seconds and then stop. Check for adequate quantity and see if it is
sensitive to motion. If you move the linkage slowly it still should squirt.
The Stable, San Francisco