04/07/2001 09:44 PM

In a recent email to our group I read there was a set of NPR's for sale, I
believe $500. Some rings were missing. I know that the NPR's have a very
good reputation but I need some more input regarding the differences between
the NPR's and say JE or Shasta pistons with Mahle cylinders. There's
something about offset piston pins etc. What is the best combination for a
125hp to 135hp 912 or "C" motor. I know that the power comes from a
combination of compression, engine size, cam, carbs, heads and exhaust. So
far I've got Carrillo rods, scat crank, JE pistons, Mahle cylinders, Elgin
cam and head work to match by their recomendation, sport exhaust, etc. At
125-135 HP how much am I taking away from the overall life expectancy of the
Any suggestions on a good power combination?
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08/07/2001 10:00 PM

Your JE pistons are the best choice here because they are a good forged
piston and up to the task. I don't know what type of piston it is but you
are going to need to get to 9.5-10:1. What type of Elgin cam is it? If you
do not know the specs give me the Elgin model number. eg 6508. 125-135 is a
lot of power for a 356 motor. You are pushing the limits of a drivable
engine. Life will depend on quality of build and would strongly suggest you
put on a full flow oil filter and an external cooler. Your stock cooler is
not up to the task. There are a few other mods that can help the life of the
The Stable, San Francisco