Close encounters

08/07/2001 04:53 PM

I thought I would start a new, more friendly thread. What close
encounters, of the mother nature type,have you had with your 356? For
example, at the shop last week when I was removing a motor from 356, while
reaching behind the fan housing to get to the top bolts, I got a handful of
mud wasp's nest, fortunately they moved out. 6 months ago while a 356 was on
the lift 2 mice come flying out the open heater duct and now are dodging
traffic in San Francisco. Lets hear some stories, 1st prize a mystery
Porsche picture.
The Stable, San Francisco

04/07/2001 09:16 PM

Back in 1992 Joan and I bought our '63 Cab shortly after our honeymoon. I
had joined the Registry in Dec of 1991 and we signed up for the East Coast
holiday at Snoeshoe WV. We decided to depart early on Friday morning to meet
another couple in Greenville to caravan.
We had been regular viewers of the bizarre TV show "Twin Peaks". If anyone
remembers it had this supernational villian with the scary name "Bob". He
often appeared in the form of a large owl. My wife was scared to death by
this show, and I took great delight in jumping out of closets and other
juvenile stunts to make her even more jumpy. Seems like we watched an
episode the night before departure.....
Anyway, we leave home about 7:30 AM, its a little foggy and dim outside, but
of course the top is down. We are cruising down a tree-lined country road
about a mile from our house when, you guessed it, a HUGE owl swooped down
from the passenger side and nearly brushed our heads. (He passed through the
space that would be occupied by the raised top.) I think 200ms earlier he
would have splattered on the windshield. I don't know if the owl or Joan's
scream scared me more. :-) Thankfully the rest of the trip was uneventful.
'63 Cab
> From: "The Stable"

08/07/2001 09:52 PM

Dear Charles,
That's a great story, I have two questions. How did you get so many
words past the list monitors? Second, could you please give me the VIN
number so that I never buy that car.
The Stable, San Francisco

04/09/2001 06:10 PM

I guess this might qualify:
In my old neighborhood, there was a large and vigorous population of feral
cats. Anyway, a couple of winters ago, a litter of kittens was born in the
bushes beside my house. The momma and kittens were all very wary of humans,
and so we mostly stayed out of each other's way (I did later adopt the runt
of the litter, who grew up to be a strapping25 pounds of pure love).
One night I got home, only to remember I had to go feed a traveling friend's
dog, about a mile away. I ran out, jumped in the coupe, and sped off. Fed
the dog, back in the car, sped home (dinner was in the oven). Get out of
the car, get halfway up the steps, and then i hear it: frantic meowing.
My first thought, oh, shit, I ran over one of those kittens. I whip out the
Maglight and scan the driveway: nothing. The MEOWING IS COMING FROM UNDER
THE CAR. Oh, God.
I get down and look under the car. Nothing. THE MEOWING IS COMING FROM THE
Expecting the worst, like, kitten vs. generator belt, I pull the release,
and shine the light in.
And there, clinging to the top of the fan shroud (the scratches are still
there) is the meanest of the kittens. He had ridden all the way over (and i
was driving rather aggresively) and back, clinging to the fan shroud. He was
OK, but pissed, and scared. I reached in, and gingerly plucked him out- he
had never let me near him. He purred, and snuggled close, until I got him
ten feet from the car, and then he bit the crap out of me until I dropped
That damn cat grew up to be the terror of the neighborhood.
Markham Cronin

04/09/2001 06:31 PM

[REPLY] wrote:
>That damn cat grew up to be the terror of the neighborhood.
Another 356 survivors story!

Michael Jekot
356C Coupe "Zuff"
Mfg. 1963,
Model year 1964,
Reg. 1965,
Minneapolis MN

04/09/2001 07:23 PM

Michael Branning wrote:
["Twin Peaks" had this supernational villian with the scary name "Bob".]
A dweller of one of those nation-straddling villas--maybe at the US/Mexican
Best wishes,
Dave Wildrick (sorry, I couldn't resist)
64 C coupe
65 C coupe

04/09/2001 08:57 PM

Markham: You reminded me of a similar happening out here on the farm.
I had only lived out here (rural Virginia) for a couple of months; and when I
moved, in and brought a couple of 356 hulks which were distributed throughout
the farm. One of the cars was a restorable S 90 coupe (now restored see also
Jeff Stevens) which had almost no floor pan in it.
One day, in an early November fall day while walking by the coupe, I heard a
strange noise emanating from the inside of the car. I opened the door and
lifted the back seat and there resting comfortably were 3 new born kittens. I
figured momma was around somewhere so, after showing my two young boys, we
resigned to leaving them alone to their momma's concern.
The next day one of my boys came in crying that something had gotten the
kittens. My wife checked it out and she confirmed that indeed the kittens were
ripped asunder and only pieces of intestines remained. We consoled the kids as
best we could and soon forgot about the matter.
Months past and early one morning in late March, my wife called us to the
kitchen window, and low and behold, there sat 3 wide eyed kittens. I guess what
she had seen earlier was Momma's meal which I guess she needed to consume to
have the strength to take care of 3 kittens. By the way, these, as most kittens
raised in the wild, were as mean as could be and took months of care and feeding
to tame them.
I often wonder where the Mama cat had moved those kittens for there was no trace
of them for 5 months. And I also wonder what is the significance of being born
in the back seat of a 356; and if its anything like being conceived in the front
seat of a 356 and are there any of those critters walking around. Just food for
Doug Dutton

Markham Cronin wrote:
> I guess this might qualify:

04/09/2001 11:54 PM

I aint gone yet.
The best cat I ever had was one that was being chased by a MEAN german
shepard. ran between my legs and looked up like HELP.
Put her in my chest pocket and took home. Named her Carrera cause I
always wanted one. She is 15 now and sleeps on my feet every night.
Larry Dent

04/10/2001 12:48 PM

I have a short animal close-encounter-of-the-third-kind story, kind of scary
at the time.
When I bought my Convertible D back in '94, I flew to Missoula with Sandra
to drove it back to Denver. It was late October and on the trip we went
through Yellowstone which was receiving it's first really good snow storm of
the year.
Well the Yellowstone Buffalo are pretty smart and when there is snow, they
use the roadways for ease of traveling. We were slowy driving (10 - 20 mph)
and sightseeing when all of a sudden a herd of buffalo moved on to the road
in front of us. So I slowed some more wanting to give them time to cross
the road. But instead of crossing the road they just wondered on and slowly
surrounded the Convertible D, their front shoulders much taller than the
Convertible D's roof.
We were in the middle of the herd and I was trying to keep the car moving
very slowly at the same pace as the herd. Then I looked out my side window
and there was this enormous head looking in, just staring at me eye ball to
eye ball. He exhaled through his nose and fogged up the side window. I
swear he was thinking "I can take that car." The size of a buffalo this
close is really scary, they're big suckers. This is crazy, I thought, he's
gona use that head to smash my car like one of those crushers used in junk
So I came to a dead stop and Sandra and I waited perfectly still until the
herd moved on. When they were a hundred or so yards up the road we started
following very slowly not wanting to close the gap. Periodically members of
the herd glanced over the shoulders to look back at us. We continued
several miles like that until they moved down a side road. Gee, I wish we
had taken a picture I told Sandra. We laughed and continued on to Denver
the snow increasing rapidly in intensity - but that another story.