Parking brake handle

04/03/2001 09:47 PM

Question, what acts as a return spring on the parking brake handle (twist)?
Inside the housing is a coil spring a triangular shaped heavy washer a very
thick wave washer and a thin skid washer. When I turn/twist the handle
there is no spring return for the handle. I can pull out the handle and the
handle will stay out if I turn it left. I then turn right and the handle
can be pushed in. But there is nothing to keep the handle from turning.
The only thing I can think of is to put a twist in the short cable from the
handle to the pivot arm.
Bruce Rockwell
'64SC Karmann coupe

08/04/2001 01:36 AM

Dear Bruce,
The spring action is crested by how the cable end is put into the lever
next to the steering box. The normal situation is that the handle is more or
less level when you pull it out and you need to twist it CCW about 90
degrees to release it. If your handle is not springing back, remove the
clevis pin in the end of the cable, rotate it 180 degrees in the direction
to keep the handle rotated into lock. If the handle does not lock as
described let me know and I can explain how to assemble all the parts of the
locking mechanism.
The Stable, San Francisco