Rotten Apple

01/01/1904 03:07 PM

Recently I made an effort to return some long since stored and hidden parts
back into the supply stream. Many of you, strangers and friends alike, have
taken advantage of the opportunity (thank you).
I never argued price (well, sometimes), and tried to make a good assessment
of condition. There is, always, a difference in opinion on quality, so I
offered a money back guarantee, no questions asked.
Unfortunately one list member has soured this thing for everyone else.
Because of his lousy attitude and petulant demeanor I am totally put off
going through this ordeal.
Therefore; I will NO LONGER use this conveyance to offer items for sale.
Any deals pending will be followed through with. As always, if something
does not meet your qualification, I'll refund your money.
Thanks for participating. I'm truly sorry I have to shut this down. (after
all, I'm a hobbyist like most of the rest of you, not a commercial concern).
This just isn't worth the hassle. [I don't know what I was thinking.]
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03/22/2001 05:57 AM

In a message dated 03/21/2001 9:17:50 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:
<< one list member has soured this thing for everyone else. >>
Don't let the actions of ONE penalize ALL! Know not to deal with that person
again and continue to deal with the majority of hobbyist who are great
people! Just an opinion and I appreciate your efforts to help those you did
deal with here on the list.
Dana Point, CA.

03/22/2001 12:43 PM

Paul, one comment and several suggestions.
Comment. I personally am sorry for your experience and suggest that one
bad apple in 1200 list members is not nice but tolerable.
Suggestion. Post the cad's name and details for all to see, since we
all are being punished by his actions perhaps we have some small right
to know who he is and to not deal with him ourselves.
Suggestion. Give us all another chance and don't do any more business
with the miscreant.
Larry Dent, and proud to put my name on any transaction on line or off.

03/22/2001 11:41 PM

03/23/2001 01:47 AM

Perhaps we all need to be shielded from this Turkey - understand your
reluctance to disclose the name and email address of this sumabitch - perhaps
tact, diplomacy, etc., or may be wary of of slander - however, be advised
that truth is always a defense against slander - why should we good people be
punished from your reluctance to post on this line? Ebay, although useful,
pales by comparison what out group has to offer. Tom Oerther of Cincinnati,
a long standing member, years ago taught me a great line - "take care of the
needy - not the greedy" . I encourage you to overlook this bastard, and take
care of us "needy" Thanks for your concern and honesty - Brad Smith -
Frankfort, KY - '59 Convt D 356A Super.