Private Parts (lotsa 356)

01/01/1904 05:28 AM

Some of you sent me private email with requests to see a parts list of
things I've pulled out and dusted off (after I sold one of my cars). I
dutifully kept that list of persons (email addresses) in a special spot on
my hard drive, and now can't find it! I know it's here somewhere (at least I
hope I didn't do a stupid thing and inadvertently dump it).
If it's not too much to ask; please send again a private email to me and
I'll send you a URL where you can see pictures of these things. It's just
extra stuff to me, and I've no use for any of it. It should go to new homes
where it can become useful. Taking any reasonable offers (not trying to
retire on the proceeds).
Thanks and sorry to clutter up the space with this matter (a second time).