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Looking for Engine # P701695

Looking for Engine # P701695, please email me if you have and would like to sell. thanks!

Paul Boroditsch Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories Glen Ridge, NJ Jul 15, 2016
1950 coupe  1

Wanted: For my 1950 Coupe / Aluminum Luggage Strap Brackets / Pre-A

Looking to purchase several of these ALUMINUM luggage strap brackets for my early cars. Don't confuse the chrome bracket types for the aluminum! See photos. Check your may have...

Joe Ruiz Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $ Newport Heights, Orange Co. Califa. May 15, 2014
10572  with roof

Wanted: For my 1951 Split Coupe / Telefunken Push Button Radio

Looking for a working/restorable push button Telefunken radion for my Radium Green 1951 Split window coupe. Doesn't have to have to be in working condition but should be restorable. Email me with...

Joe Ruiz Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $ Newport Heights, So. Califa. Aug 29, 2015
Toolbag early a

Looking for the grey tool bag flap

Need this piece in order to repair grey tool bag. Please, let me know if you have one.

Mark Yam Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $ San Jose, CA Mar 09, 2016
D72 0329

Wanted: Solex 40 PII Float Level Adjusters, tops and parts carburetors

If you know of a source for these, please let me know! I would also be interested in buying 40PIIs that are in bad condition, need parts, etc. if they include good parts. Here is a photo to show ...

Dave Erickson Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $ Monterey, CA Dec 20, 2015
Aft tma

Torque Multiplying Adapter for use with CIP1 Kits

The adapter in the picture, aft-TMA, can be used with the CIP1 variant of the original Torque-Meister. This adapter has been designed for use on both drum brake and disc brake cars. The adapter is ...

Albert F. Tiedemann Jr For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $ 21120 Sep 16, 2015
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WTB original beige knobs for my ´56 356A

The only originals which are still on my car are ashtray, boot & engine lid pull knobs - all others i´m trying to find. Must be beige, not ivory. Thanks for looking!

Norfried Bittner Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $ Germany Sep 25, 2014
1952 interior sun visor mount tabs original  1

WTB Pre-A & early A sunvisor frame parts

I´m searching for side frame brackets as pictured to complete my T1 visors (need 6 of these). Also looking for 2 fixing brackets for the early hex-nut visors (see 2nd pic). Thanks for sifting throu...

Norfried Bittner Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $ Germany Sep 25, 2014

356 60 Super

1960 356 1600 Super engine case uncleaned. Std bearings. Very good condition.

Chris Sycks For Sale 356 Parts/Accessories $$750.00 AKRON, OHIO Jan 16, 2017
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Wanted Engine Case 82865

Looking for 3 piece engine case 82865 for "59" convertible D

Charles M. Hutchko Wanted 356 Parts/Accessories $????? PA Sep 10, 2016